Our Health & Safety Commitment

Act Safe. Be Safe. Stay Safe

We are committed to promoting a safe and healthy workplace for all team members, contractors, subcontractors, volunteers, and visitors. In pursuit of our commitment, we will develop, implement, enforce policies and procedures that promote and provide a healthier and safer work environment. We understand the importance of safety to the well-being and productivity of our team members.

Upper Crust is committed to safety awareness, open communication, education, training, effective supervision, safe working procedures, and an overall safe working environment for all our team members. Upper Crust understands that Health & Safety excellence is achieved by maintaining safe and healthy working conditions and by fostering a positive safety culture.


Our mission is clear — to achieve the highest safety standards in the manufacturing sector, and to promote Health & Safety while taking all reasonable precautions to protect our team members. Our safety goal is to have zero work related injuries or illnesses.


The Health & Safety team is comprised of a group of experienced and trained professionals who oversee our plants. They train and conduct daily, weekly, and monthly H&S audits, inspections, observations, and interviews. Our Health & Safety team has nearly 100 years of combined experience.


We have invested significant capital in safety initiatives and implementation of safety protocols. We have established an internal Safeguarding Committee, and have installed many safety devices utilizing current technology. We have launched an online mode for our pre-operational checklist and ticketing system to close any Health & Safety issues identified on production lines. We also understand the importance of rewarding diligence, and have implemented a Health & Safety Recognition Program for all of workers and supervisors. All senior management across all plants have Health & Safety as part of their Annual Key Performance Indicators.


We are in full compliance with COVID-19 safety requirements in the workplace and go above and beyond public health guidelines and protocols. We have a diligent COVID-19 screening process across all plants to ensure physical distancing, required personal protective equipment, barriers, and occupancy limits in rooms. The Health & Safety Department conducts a COVID-19 compliance audit every single shift to ensure safety of all our workers, and the audit is communicated to senior management.