Company Overview

Capable. Passionate. Proven.


Over 39 Years of Excellence. We are a privately owned company, operated by active and dedicated leaders since 1982. Our core strength is our people and the diversity of our team. We stand behind our people-first approach and foster human connections united by our shared love for artisan quality baked goods.

Our exceptional R&D, engineering, production capability, product freezing & on-site frozen warehousing provides superior consistency, quality and peace of mind. Our state-of-the-art bakeries allows us to control the quality and integrity of our products and provide flexibility and speed in customization. Our on-site frozen warehouse capacity is over 760 full truckloads of product, enabling us to effectively manage your supply chain pipeline.


Innovation in R&D, Food Science and Engineering is our passion. We are innovation leaders in product and process manufacturing. Our Upper Crust team provides you with market leadership in innovation.

We strive to be market leaders in Plant Based and Clean Label manufacturing. Our portfolio is inclusive of Donuts, Bagels, Croissants, Artisan Breads, buns, and rolls, Puff Pastry, and Danish and Cinnamon Rolls.


At Upper Crust, we have a strong sense of pride and knowledge in the field of baking. Great value comes not from the finished product but from the amalgamation of preserved tradition and ground-breaking innovation.


We offer customized programs to suit your unique requirements and goals. We can handle the largest volume of any product in our breads and desserts categories. You can trust in our ability to meet your needs no matter what size of order.

Quality and Safety

All our facilities exercise stringent disciplines regarding food production safety, with all manufacturing plants earning a BRCGS “AA” rating.

All our authentically crafted Croissants, Bagels, Dough Pastries, Artisan Breads and Sandwich Rolls are expertly prepared with our customers in mind. Our dedication to constant innovation and supply chain excellence drives our growth and provides joy all over the world.